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What’s The Best Humidor? Find Out Now

Fully Loaded Humidor

My Journey Into The Cigar World

When I cast my mind back, and I think of my days before my love for cigars, my life seemed a bore. I felt nothing was engaging or different anymore. I realized I needed a source of escapism. That was when I chose to collect cigars. When you have a collection of cigars, you will inevitably eventually have to ask yourself what’s the best humidor?

I don’t ever consider myself a Cigar Evangelist – absolutely not, I’m the type of collector who discovers items and makes use of them. I don’t find things and store them in my home until they decay or collect dust. I’ve always had this strong belief that cigars should be able to flourish and age appropriately. You aren’t exactly offering the most excellent conditions to your collections if you leave them lying in a cupboard forever. You want to be able to smoke a cigar and enjoy it – right? It has always been the case where overtime cigars change. I offer the proper conditions to my cigars, therefore making them a joy to smoke whenever you feel like it.

Humidors with Montecristo Cigars Inside

The time came when I felt it right to do some investigation into the appropriate environment for a cigar to age sufficiently enough for me to feel satisfied with my work. I wanted to feel at least a little bit knowledgeable on the topic so that I had some sort of background idea. To my disappointment, none of the information that I was viewing felt up to my standards. From what I was reading, I was unsuccessful in finding what I thought was accurate information surrounding the topic. The sources I was looking at sadly didn’t seem trustworthy somehow.

A Voyage To Discover What Makes The Best Humidor

Nevertheless, I continued my research, but this time, I focused on finding out what makes the best humidor, only to find a small article explaining some textual information – this didn’t come as a surprise to me, though. The material alone was explicit and informative enough. But it wasn’t what I was looking for. I began to get quite frustrated now, as you can imagine, still unclear on what I was supposed to be seeing. I was hoping for some graphics or pictures, but textual types of articles don’t tend to provide any visuals corresponding to the topic. Of course, that didn’t help. Instead of there being a sufficient portfolio of graphics or photos, the writer had decided to upload a random mishmash of photos. Furthermore, there wasn’t a simple text box explaining what I was supposed to be observing. 

The issues that I was witnessing gave rise to my idea of expressing my thoughts and opinions on the matter. The whole photo mishmash also made it clear that I needed to do something about it.   

I started taking photos, as well. This was for illustrative purposes. My family were informed and advocating me to make this sort of catalogue of thoughts available to the public. Out of utter frustration, I managed to collect enough data and resources. This entire process of courage, support and enthusiasm for cigars led to my website: Stogie Fresh. For those who don’t know this, Stogie Fresh is completely dedicated to the art skills needed to preserving a cigars beauty and freshness. Still to this day, I have a goal drilled into my mindset advocating the appropriate ageing of cigars. Every last drop of analysis and data I could find about cigars and humidors has driven me to my newly discovered adoration for Stogie Fresh!

Experimentation and Perseverance With Humidors

When it comes to servicing humidors, the key things you should always double-check are the temperatures of the humidity and recharging the humidifiers; or replacing them. Since I have numerous humidors scattered around my home, the servicing process is extremely engaging and time-consuming. Sometimes my mind wanders though. One afternoon, I became lost in thought. I was thinking about The cost of all of my humidors I’ve come to acquire over time.

Occasionally I end up purchasing average to pretty low-quality humidors. But for the most part, the majority of my humidors are exceptional in performance and style. I considered the diversity of them, taking into account the big ones, small ones, portable/convenient and of course travel-easy humidors. In all honesty, if you want to a reliable, hardworking humidor, you may need to spend a substantial amount of coin, time and effort. Even to keep them in supreme order seems a lot of money and is in a way if you know where to look for them. 

May I just say this, if you are more than happy to spend a plenty sum of money on cigars then make sure they have a safe, friendly environment to live in. My advice – and you may come across this along the way which is fine – is not to get carried away with purchasing some cigars and abandon the investment. The investment if more important than relying upon your cigars to a substandard humidor. In other words, don’t end up wasting valuable money on cheap humidors.

Trust me – I learn’t the hard way. I’ve purchased a few too many humidors that were wholly based on looks compared to ugly but efficient humidors. I once bought a stylish striped humidor with a fabulous material and later in the week found out it provided an unsatisfactory environment for some of my cigars. It was sadly in the bin for that one. The few humidors that were displeasing I now home my keys and wallet too. I must say, the striped humidor box I found a while ago definitely suites my wallet this time of year! You will always be able to find other use for the bad ones. Three years became five, eventually resulting in a decade of experimenting, and I have finally learnt some valid lessons when it comes to buying decent humidors.

How to Create a Reliable and Satisfactory Humidor?

You want your cigars to have longevity and remain healthy. Therefore, I always explain to my readers that there are three essential points to look out for to determine the health of your cigar collection. I always advise the perfect humidity would be between 65% and 71% relative humidity, and my ideal temperature would be 65 and 71% Fahrenheit. Basically, those two numbers are what you should keep in mind. If I were you, I would set your preferred mark between those ranges. You don’t want any small variation that ends up altering your desired field.

Remember, many of my customers don’t give enough commendation for their cigars. They are, in fact, more durable than you may think! Another great reason you should buy good – quality humidors in the first place is so that any fluctuations in humidity or temperature they can stand for. Usually, small dips in temperature won’t affect the cigars or cause any problems. However, this brings me to another critical point, and that is stability. The undeniable fact is, the more stable the temperature and humidity, the better the surroundings will be for the cigars. Inevitably, they last longer, and that is what we’re looking for here. We don’t want any unprecedented changes that result in damage to your cigars.  

What to watch out for in a Humidor

An essential commodity to look out for is the general thickness of the walls of the humidor. Okay humidors will tend to have thickness up to 1/2 – inch. What you want if the thickness of about3/4 – inch. It will inevitably be more money, but for the better. More insulation is provided if the walls are thicker, which furthermore, offers better protection. The thickness of the walls is equal on all sides of the humidor. A great source of insulation has turned out to be granite. I purchased 3/4-inch desktop humidor a couple of years back that has a superb thick granite bottom. 

The next thing to look for is the quality of the material used. A great one is a Spanish Cedar (otherwise called Mahogany). It’s quite a unique wood that offers specific properties making it a perfect humidor material. It firstly provides a secondary insulation layer, it changes the humidity inside the humidor due to its smart porous properties and thirdly it gives out a delicious earthly aroma that I find creates an appealing look, interior-wise. If you purchase a Spanish cedar humidor, firstly, your home will smell delightful and secondly, the wood provides the ability to absorb and desorb moisture. I must say, that is clever! All in all, the thicker the wood, the better insulated and protected your cigars will be.

Glass and Ultraviolet Light

Note to self – avoid glass humidors. It doesn’t matter if it’s part of a desktop humidor or cabinet humidor, glass just is not an adequate choice. Like I mentioned earlier, it looks cool, but you will regret it when I say that wood is better at insulating than glass – fact! Looks aren’t everything. If I could reverse time to when I ordered a glass cabinet humidor I would reverse the entire payment process. It came with glass doors and a glass top. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Nowadays it would have been ordered with no glass end of.

It’s wonderful to see your cigars….but glass topped humidors are unlikely to keep your cigars safe from the effects of UV rays

Ultraviolet light is the other downside to glass humidors. Ultraviolet light is pretty harmful to cigars and eventually speeds up the ageing process – very damaging. Direct sunlight does, of course, releases UV light but so does fluorescent lights and bulbs. Any sort of high watt incandescent light placed near glass humidors is an absolute no-no. UV further damages cigars by stimulating oxidation.


My favourite humidor of all time – that still to this day works – is one of my Spanish cedar humidors. I mean solid brass hinges and 3/4 inch wood thickness. Rock-solid hinges will also offer a balanced alignment, and a thick base and top give stability you will be looking for. Once again, longevity is critical. The health of your cigars will always rely on the hardware and how well made your humidor is. If possible, a heavy lid to your humidor is more than welcome because it allows the weight to withstand as many repeated opening and closings over its lifetime.

Summing It All Up

So, what is an excellent humidor? Well, I hope the advice and life stories I have provided offer sufficient information. My belief still stands that a humidor isn’t just a box that stands on your fireplace. The internal environment must be a state of the art luxury so that those cigars of yours won’t collect dust and instead make you reach in for one.

Purchasing humidors and cigars require utter devotion and dedication. The temperature and humidity must be on point – remember those numbers 68 and 71! It will be a time-consuming load of fun. It will look supreme on any fireplace to which the customer owes the pleasure of placing it there, enhancing your decorating skills. Oh and don’t forget if you purchase a bad one use it to store your keys and wallet. 

It’s something you want that needs handing down over generations. And most importantly, it’s what keeps our precious cigars a joy to smoke whatever the day, whenever the time, wherever the place. 

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