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My Health, My Choice. Cigars and Your Health.

If you take a look at our current world today, many of us are becoming more and more aware of our overall health. Many of us want to understand the full extent of the risks you undergo when smoking a cigar. In this article, I will underline some risks and threats to your health if you do decide you would like to smoke. Trust me, there are also ways of reducing these risks, so don’t worry.

Let me clear one thing up first. Any form of tobacco smoking is unhealthy. I hate to break to those of you who might have missed that one day where the teacher taught the common sense lesson. But you never go about smoking your cigar thinking about how unhealthy it is for you and how bad you’re doing your respiratory system. NO – you smoke your cigar because you know you love that high you get when you’re doing it and because you enjoy those tranquil moments with friends complaining about your wife. Don’t get me wrong it’s a brilliant source of freedom and fun to take your mind off things that may stress you out a bit. The great thing about cigars is that you’ll always have something to do, whether it’s installing a new humidity stabilizer system or even smoking one. But I must address the risks when you smoke – but that doesn’t mean you have to non-stop think about death and mortality. That said, cigar-smoking doesn’t necessarily have to translate into high risk for morbidity or mortality.

As time goes on, your health is always on its ups and downs. As satisfying as it sounds, you never wake up one day, and your health is forever going to be that same way it was. It simply doesn’t work that way. Therefore, you are healthier some days, and other days you can be feeling quite low and ‘shabby.’ The way it works risk-wise associate with smoking tends to be categorized into three branches. You have the genetics, your lifestyle, and your smoking cycles.

I suppose you could associate smoking to eating junk and drinking alcohol. Two things can trigger the threat of possibly suffering a fatal heart attack or being diagnosed with a disease affiliated with these habits. #1: What you ingest#2: How much you ingest point being, if you eat a heavy calory Chinese takeaway with a Soda, it’s not likely it’ll give you a fatal heart attack. The thing that triggers substandard health is bot eating a varied diet. Instead, you eat that same chines takeaway and soda for every day for decade upon decade. There is a famous saying that goes something like ‘the greater the dose, the greater the response.’ To put it plainly, you may be a heavy alcoholic, which in turn gives rise to various diseases. A person who drinks a fair amount of alcohol may not suffer any serious diseases. Now, if we take alcohol out of the equation and replace it with cigars, what I’m saying is that a person who smokes maybe two cigars a day will probably not suffer much of a problem with their health. On the other hand, 4-5 smokes a day will most likely ve a large effect on health. Cancer, stroke, asthma, bronchitis… etc. are various common illnesses you may develop. 

Then the difference between cigars and cigarettes is the amount of nicotine and size. Therefore, you may receive comments like ‘did you know that coronary artery disease is related to cigars…’This is accurate; however, cigar smokers who haven’t smoked a cigarette before or smoke a fair few cigars have shown to present the same or maybe the slightly lower risk of contracting coronary artery disease. 

 The growth of heart problems or other diseases isn’t just related to smoking cigars or other tobacco. A perfect example would be a family history of such heart diseases, blood pressure, diabetes, and other pre-existing problems in health. Your environment can have effects on your health as well—stress, exercise, etc. Lifestyle factors and your smoking patterns also have large effects as well.

I don’t mean to put you off, but cancer of the esophagus, larynx, tongue, mouth, and lung are leading points smoking can cause. Those risk factors I mentioned above can also affect the development of those cancers—factors such as a family history of cancer and other diseases, smoking patterns, alcohol consumption, and other environmental causes. For instance, if your father has suffered a type of cancer in his past – particularly if he was diagnosed before the age of 50, then your risk fo catching that disease is higher than presumed normal. A dangerous factor is alcohol consumption. I can’t express the significance of this factor anymore. Heavy alcohol drinking alone can cause various problems, as you may already know. By smoking cigars, you are just increasing that chance. 

You tend to find moderate cigarette smokers complain of nicotine addiction or carbon monoxide poisoning. That’s because they absorb the majority of their tobacco through the lungs. A cigar smoker doesn’t usually suffer from those problems; a cigar smoker who doesn’t inhale or who may smoke in an environment where they aren’t smoking used smoke won’t find themselves in that situation. People who tend not to develop nicotine addiction are the majority of us who smoke cigars moderately. This is because nicotine is mainly absorbed through the lungs – hence why many cigarette smokers contract lung cancer – and less through the mucous membranes of the mouth. 

As unfortunate as it is, some risk factors are simply out of your control—things like family health history and age. But there are others that can be controlled in positive and negative ways. It’s going to be hard and tough, but by doing so, you reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Physical activity, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and smoking patterns all take part in reducing these risks.

By taking part in some of these morals, you substantially lower the threat of suffering ay fatal diseases and cancers:

1. Don’t inhale cigar smoke. I can tell you now if you continue to stuff your pipe with dry tobacco and leafage and inhale those essences for any amount of time, you will most definitely suffer the horrendous consequences. Just don’t do it. 

2. Sidestream cigar smoking is a definite no-no. If you didn’t know already, sidestream smoke is actually from the incomplete burning of tobacco. As you can imagine, it’s full of toxic chemicals! If you can’t help smoking in an enclosed room, just try to be sure there is decent ventilation within the skeleton of the house.  It is always best to smoke outside rather than inside. 

3. For the cigarette smokers out there, don’t pick up a cigar to smoke as an alternative. I wouldn’t recommend it.

4. For the alcoholics out there, smoking any sort of tobacco will risk your health, so substantially, it will produce extreme risks of heart disease and cancer. 

Smoking comes with risk as does anything else in life. But it’s something to put your mind at ease. It relaxes me personally. You get to come together with your mates and have a smoke. Read those risk management practices and you will find your limits without threatening your health. All I ask is that you smoke responsibly and take care of yourself.

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