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What Sort Of Humidor Should I Buy?

As with any long term “purchase”, you’re gonna need to do your homework. Remember, these humidors are going to be a long term investment. You want to ask yourself some crucial questions. They may seem stupid as first, but trust me, as luxurious as mahogany is, will it match with your light oak furniture? I’m begging you – and I’ve done it before – don’t get into that car with your wallet stuffed with cash and regret that leopard print humidor you purchased last Tuesday! Oh yes, there are actual animal skin humidors now. Get ready to do some mind-boggling thinking. So, let’s dig into the subject what wort of humidor should I buy?

Q1.   Do I even want a humidor?

Maybe you do, perhaps you don’t. Do you live a busy life? Does work take up most of your time? – if so, I would re-considering purchasing one. Humidors are time-consuming and need care and dedication. 

Q2. How many cigars do I want to purchase and how many can I store? 

Note to self – always buy a bigger humidor than you may require. What size are you willing to dedicate long hours of your life to. There are several size variations such as cabinet humidors – typically used for stocking more significant amounts of cigars. If you have a similar mindset to me, you’ll be smart in buying more volumed humidors. We all have that itching feeling of needing to buy more. Trust me, my mom, my wife, my sister – they all suffer from it. I, on the other hand, only have 18 or so… Anyway, you may find yourself having to clear out that overflowing lounge of yours. 

 Q3. Locks On My Humidor…?

 I have kids and an inquisitive wife…

Q4. Cabinet or Desktop – So Many to Choose From…

 Like I’ve said before, there is a large variety of humidor to choose from. Here comes the hard part – what are you looking for? First of all, I always recommend to my readers to get a desktop humidor. It is a must, in my opinion. It adds to the decorative feel in your home, and it stores a pretty standard amount of cigars. If you are a somewhat heavy-duty collector – like me I suppose – then I’m guessing you have a lot of cabinet humidors in your house. Finally, if you’re an avid smoker, a travel humidor is the first thing you pack – am I right.

Q5. I know there’s more – How much do I want to spend? I don’t mean to impose any threat to your marriage life, but I wouldn’t pay over your limit to what the old wife says ‘cos the aftermath ‘ain’t going to be useful to your humidor future if you know what I mean. Don’t get carried away either and end up wrecking your smokes. Your purchases and worth of your cigars depend on the humidor in the end. For instance, if you have 30 cigars and their average cost was $3 per smoke, you are watching over a $90 investment. You save on the humidor, not the cigars to put it short.

Ten Of The Best Cabinet Humidors:

Buying a Desktop Humidor: What to Look For

It goes the same with clothes as humidors. Buying a humidor is harder because you don't know if it will be clear of any apparent faults. You are only looking at a picture on a screen. In-store purchasing is so much better because you visually see the humidor as it is in reality. Usually, the owner will let you handle it - that's your chance to observe it for cracks, broken hinges or chips properly. These are the little things, the imperfections that always trigger me. You are looking for a well built and sturdy humidor, constructed with care and precision. 

The thickness of the walls is a crucial thing to examine. Those walls need to be able to support those cigars and provide insulation and warmth physically. It's another property of the humidor that should be constructed so that it shields the smokes from any sudden temperature or humidity changes carefully. You should primarily look for Spanish cedar on an excellent material. (1/6 - 1/4 thickness is decent, but 3/4 diameter is even better). You get the point.

Be sure that the hinges are built into the humidor with perfection. Solid brass is one material that tends to come with reliable humidors. Any gaps in the boxes seam mean you should return the time purchased as the hinges haven't been seated on the humidor correctly. Distilled water is a necessary item you should also purchase. Also, my advice is to get a digital hydrometer. There overall more accurate for a more extended period of time. 

This may just be a preference, but if you feel in the mood, ask about Spanish cedar linings. YOu may come to find the pleasant scent that will eventually linger in your house calms you. 

A humidor needs to longevity; if you desire that, a particularly weighted humidor usually does the trick. They're known for there resistance and loyalty to their owner. Just make sure the top and bottom weight is equal; otherwise, you may find yourself left with a broken box of pricy cigars on the floor of your lounge. 

A useful DIY that many of my humidor buddies have trialled and succeeded with is old refrigerator motors that they have converted into humidors. Surprisingly they work pretty well. For the long term, however, they don't. I shan't get too carried away on that prospect though. Wooden cabinets are more realistic. 

Size is essential. It does matter, and you must purchase the humidor of your size and satisfaction. You want your collection to grow as well, so I would buy one with room for that stash to increase. Consider how many cigars you are going to be storing. If you desire boxes and boxes of 'em, then I suggest you go with a cabinet humidor. Boxes do take up the majority of the room in your humidor. The question is, do you want a full to the brim cabinet humidor or a not so full cabinet. 

This doesn't account for everybody, but many people I know enjoy the summer and therefore live in areas that climate hot summers. Controlling the temperature of your humidor and the environment they live in is crucial. There are temperature-controlled humidors out there, but boy are they inconvenient. The controller takes up a third of your humidor space. I recommend getting a non-temperature controlled humidor and dealing with the humidity yourself. It isn't hard if you know what to look for. A thick all-round sided humidor is perfect for insulating those smokes. Though the price goes up, the level of reliability and quality also goes up. It's a win-win! 

Theoretically, this wouldn't work if you lived in deserts or jungles, however, by purchasing a good-quality box and storing it in the coolest part of your house, you would manage the coolness of your humidor just fine. Temperature extremes cause harm, and if you are one of those people living in an area that suffers from exactly that then glass humidors are a definite no-no, and 3/4 inch walls would be advised. Working with the constructor of the humidor is very helpful as well. You can easily discuss cost benefits, and you know exactly what you are paying for. Again this is costly but helpful in ways. 

Ten Of The Best Desktop Humidors

The Building Of A Humidor: 

Spanish cedar lined cabinet humidors are typical and sufficient when it comes to insulation quality and design. But don't worry if you are not looking to spend a fortune. I recommend mahogany - cheaper and still as effective. It all depends on the choice and what buyers desire. Spanish cedar is very aromatic, and even though its scent is gorgeous, it lingers on objects. Some manufacturers prefer not to have that scent on there smokes. Either way, it doesn't affect the smokes too seriously.  

Your tools and hardware should be top-notch with exquisite finishings. Solid-brass hinges are my preference. If you desire one, you can purchase special locks, but I don't see the point unless you are protective or have young kids with expensive cigars lying around the house then go for it. Think about value for money and what you need more than anything. 

One of my most favourite things about purchasing a new humidor with your manufacturer is that you have so many endless options within the designing process. Glass, mahogany, Spanish cedar, oak? Etchings on wood and glass? How thick do you want the walls to be? 

Any locks in particular? The great thing about a cabinet humidor is that you can ask for multiple drawers instead of the standard single one. You can ask for shiny or matte wood and even the inlays or edges. This time, the choice really is yours. Like I said in my 'What's the Best Humidor', this humidor is going to be an heirloom passed down through generations probably. You want it to be well designed and aesthetic. 

I've been recommending to my readers since I don't know when a digital electronic humidification system. This is by far the most sensible choice of humidity control. It involves the most straightforward system setup where all you have to do is set a relative humidity level, and the system automatically turns on the reservoir. Over the years, I've tried out different models but always turned to this particular one, partially for the simple setup routine and also for what you get for the money. The system comes with a water reservoir and a hygrostat. The bugger the cabinet, the larger the tank and fan are. The hygrostat is already connected to the fan and reservoir. Therefore when the fan is turned, the hygrostat comes on with it as well as the reservoir. 

Humidor Guarantees:

I always used to struggle with this when it came to purchasing humidors. What unique warrants or guarantees does the company offer? Is it interest-free? 'Guaranteed 1 and 1/2 years of free return' or 'We warrant in faulty construction and material'. Make sure you know you aren't being tricked into a scam or ripped off for a flimsy humidor.

I think all electronics and other components should be charged with around two years warrant. Shipping can also be a problem. It's the little annoying things like mixed up order times that frustrate me. You need to ask yourself whether the humidor will get severely damaged via shipping and more importantly, whether or not you will get your money back if it does. I have experienced myself some damage through delivery. It was disappointing, but I was half expecting it. Be wary when you agree to delivery - some end badly and others have compensation. Take it with a pinch of salt and stay wary. 

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