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The Best Travel Humidors and DIY Travel Humidors

So you’re going to be on the road for awhile. Maybe it’s just a weekend jaunt to visit aunt Bertha or perhaps you are going on an extended vacation to the white beaches of Siberia. How do you bring a sufficient supply of sticks and keep them in prime form? Not to worry, there are a host of options for preserving the pristine condition and flavor of your smokes. While there is no such thing as a “cheap,” quality humidor, the travel box is a different animal. Not built for aging, it is designed for temporary, occasional usage and therefore can vary in construction and price points.

General Principles

As with any humidor, your travel box must maintain a constant internal envirnoment. Keeping your fine stogies at a temperature of between 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit and a relative humidity between 65 and 72 percent will insure their good taste and your enjoyment. Of course, unless you are bringing an heirloom trunk for packing, you will need a slightly smaller version of your home box. A travel humidor must be packable, must protect your cigars from damage, and must keep them fresh.

Leather Pocket Cases and Cigar Tubes

If you are just going out for the evening or to play a round of golf, a leather, plastic, or metal tube should work fine. These will keep from 1 to 3 cigars fresh for a few hours. The leather cases are a very nice way to present your smokes when you go out for an evening, but they will not preserve humidity in a cigar for long. Various qualities of leather can be used, which can jack up the price accordingly.

The cases protect your cigars from getting crushed in an overnight bag or damaged in your pocket. They also keep some of the humidity inside, but I would recommend keeping a cigar in its cellophane wrapper inside the case until you are ready to smoke it. Metal tubes are durable and typically have a good seal. Again, I would recommend a cellophane wrapper to keep the cigar from getting bruised and to help maintain humidity. Sometimes these tubes will be lined with Spanish cedar, this is a nice touch and certainly adds to the effect, but is not absolutely necessary.

Though cases and tubes will work for up to several hours, you will need a better solution when you hit the road overnight. Sure, you could just wrap a few sticks along with a dampened sponge in a plastic bag with a good seal, but you risk damage to your precious cargo. You can’t just toss a plastic sack in your suitcase.

Wake up and pay attention!!! In my humble opinion, you can find an acceptable solution by searching through your old cigar boxes to find a likely candidate as a travel stogie-keeper. Some cigar boxes are made to double as a humidor. When using a cigar box, look for a snug fit of the lid and consider using a piece of Non Chemical Treat Foam to fit over the cigars to keep them from bouncing around. If the box doesn’t have a humidifier built-in, just toss in a portable humidifier like the Water Pillows.

Buy Leather Cigar Cases

Lightweight Plastic

Another option is the faithful Tupperware Humidor or other plastic container. The one seen in the photo at right is a 24-ounce model that measures 7" L x 3.75" W x 1.5" D. It will hold about 5 to 6 stogies plus the humidifier. Water Pillows are ideal for travel humidors because they are leak proof and are flat so they don't take up precious space that could be filled by cigars.

Beyond these homemade solutions, there are numerous production travel humidors available like the one seen in the photo at the left. This one holds quite a few cigars, has it's own built-in humidifier (see photo at left) and is cedar lined. It has a padded leather exterior, which zips closed and looks pretty classy. These types come in many different sizes and in different qualities. You can get some of these free with the purchase of cigars or you can shell out hundreds of dollars for collectable quality travel humidors.

If you are really roughing it, I would recommend something like the The Cigar Safe 15 Humidor. These waterproof boxes are light, durable and keep cigars in perfect condition. The hard plastic shell and soft foam liners keep your cigars safe from damage and the elements.

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