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Montecristo, a cigar brand with a vast history in Cuban, Dominican and other Caribbean markets, is one of the most well-known names in the cigar industry. Even non cigar smokers have come to know the prestige of a Montecristo cigar. Originally rolled in Cuba for Habanos SA, once the embargo was put on Cuba, Montecristo became a brand rolled with delicious tobaccos in La Romana, Dominican Republic. Now you can find any Montecristo almost anywhere, with the same precision and consistency they have had for the past 80 years.├ČThe task of creating Montecristo Epic was assigned to a special team of our most skilled and accomplished cigar makers – our Grupo de Maestros. Each super-premium Montecristo Epic is made with the finest aged tobaccos. Every box includes a certificate of authenticity signed by the artisan at every key step during the making of this exquisite cigar. The Epic is fuller-bodied than other Montecristos and provides a robust blend of complex flavors of chocolate, nuts, coffee, fruit, and caramel. This is a cigar so special, so unique, so select, it needs to be experienced. It’s Epic.├« – Altadis Website


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