Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Additive – 1000mg


Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Additive – 1000mg can be added to any of our E-liquids to boost the CBD content or added to your favorite E-Liquid.

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Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Additive – 1000mgA lot of us CBD enthusiasts also vape, which is why Active CBD Oil E-Liquid Additive is a great choice for those who wanna get the best of both worlds. This additive allows you to, well… add high-quality CBD to any vape juice. You won’t have to go out and buy a whole separate setup either. Each bottle contains 1000mg of pure, clean CBD isolate, meaning that a single dropper’s worth adds 67 milligrams to your existing vape juice.These e-liquid additive batches have been carefully tested by a third party and are combined simply with PG and purified water. It’s very easy to add this to your e-juice as its dropper makes it convenient to do so.Prepare to enjoy your vaping hobby in a whole new way thanks to this brilliant, easy-to-use CBD oil additive.*Not suggested to be used by itself although with some devices it will work.*Key Features to Remember: Easily Adds to Any Vape Liquid 1000+Milligrams of Pure CBD Convenient and Easy to Use Container Super Concentrated 15mL Bottle One Dropper of the 1000mg Bottle Contains Approx. 67mgs of CBD. Each batch that’s produced is sent to a 3rd party lab and results are consistently updatedIngredients: Propylene glycol, high CBD hemp oil, purified water


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