300ml+ Mystery Ejuice Grab Bag


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The ALL NEW 300ml+ Ejuice Deals Mystery Grab Bag. Tired of trying to find the next e-liquid to choose? Wish you didnt have to make that decision? Let us handle the decision-making for you. Order the Mystery Grab Bag and we will go ahead and choose a flavor for you and send it to you. The anticipation is always the best! This grab bag features 300ml worth of ejuices! This 300ml+ option may include any of the following bottle size combinations adding up to a minimum of 300ml: 3x 100ml 3x 120ml 1x 100ml & 2x 120ml 1x 120ml & 2x 100ml 2x 100ml & 2x 60ml 4x 60ml & 1x 100ml 5x 60ml Also Available in the following sizes: 60ml for $7.99 100ml+ for $10.99 200ml+ for $16.99


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