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Who Is Voopoo Vinci?

Like some strange character from The Pink Panther or a weird twisted brother of Leonardo Davinci, Voopoo Vinci has set the Vaping seen alight, excuse the pun!

Delivering an All In One or AIO Vaping system, Voopoo Vinci is at the leading edge of the Vaping scene. Technology and the quality of it is where Voopoo scores highly.

Coming with an onboard GENE.AI chip the color screen on these Vaping pens could have you thinking more iPhone than a Vaping system. Featuring a chargeable wattage output you can set this pen to stun if so required.

Voopoo Vinci Colors

The colors of Voopoos are eclectic or inter galactic to say the least, that said if you’re more conservative there is something here for you as well. Here are some of the spectrum of shades Voopoo offers:

Aurora – A trippy, yet stylish little number. Reminiscent of a screen saver.

Carbon Fibre – Definitly for the Porsche lover amongst us. Sleek and elegant Carbon Fibre is minimalist yet manly.

Dazzling Green – Fetch me shilaly its Paddy’s day. This green colour is metallic yet organic all at once. Chill in green with this Voopoo.

Scarlet – Miss O’Hara you do so look the part. Scarlet has a smokey yet suggestive quality about her, not too much, but you know she’s trouble.

Ink – Coming in with only three letters “Ink” says a little but expresses a lot. Don’t be fooled, mixed with swirling white this little number will “light up” your day.

Space Grey – Mr Spock report to the Engine room Scotty has got a new vape pen for ya. Space grey, go through the Cosmos with this one, under stated yet clearly a time traveller.

If you can’t find a Voopoo color that suits your wardrobe amongst that lot then frankly, “I don’t give a damn my dear”.

Voopoo Vinci Coils

And no this doesn’t mean a visit to the love doctor – Vinci replacement coils are for when your Vinci starts to taste like it shouldn’t, tell tale signs are a burnt flavor or overall bad taste. To put it bluntly, “you’ll know when those coils go”. We don’t supply them but a quick visit to Google will bring up those darlings.

Voopoo Vinci Pods

These little fellars are the business end of a Voopoo Vinci, the piece that goes in your mouth that delivers the ejuice. We have replacement Voopoo Vinci Pods if you need them.

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Showing all 14 results