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What Is The Aspire AVP?

Well I can tell you what it ain’t, it ain’t an RSVP to your sisters birthday party. These things are state of the art Vaping delivery systems honey!

With the AVP standing for “Aspire Vaping Pod”, the Aspire AVP looks more like a Phaser or a vehicle bleep bleep than a vape pen. That actually may not be a bad thing, fitting snugly in the palm of your hand these Vapers are easy to hold and look good to boot.

The system is designed so conveniently you’ll think these Pods are the work of the Bauhaus design studio. They actually come with a lanyard so you should never lose one. Somewhat fiddly to fit once you’ve set the clip up you’ll be good to go.

Aspire AVP Pods

These are the delivery end of the system, the piece that gets the juice to the moose. We stock a number of Aspire AVP replacement Pods

Aspire AVP Pro

Moving up the value chain as the name suggests because you’ve gone Pro you get quite a bit more go. Amping up the juice, the AVP Pro’s are considerably more powerful. With an AVP Pro you’re highly unlikely to have to ever request “Captin, I need more power!”

Aspire AVP Reviews

So I have had a look around for what people thought about the Aspire AVP and it is pretty good. And I haven’t just had a cursory glance folks I’ve had a good old dig. In short and in review terms you’ll mostly find 4 out of 5’s. I did see a few “meh’s” but not many, people are basically happy with their AVP.

I did see some stuff about leaky pods and batteries not holding charge but they are on the periphery of the internet. All in, this looks like a strong product set.

If you have had a bad experience with the Aspire, drop you’re comment in the section below.

Aspire AVP Colors

If color is your thing, hold tight because the Aspire AVP delivers more spectrum explosion than a Hendrix Concert. Lets run through a few of my favorite shades on offer, Rainbow – as the name implies, its all of them! Purple, yes, because Prince knew why and Black because classic and deep, it always says more than the others. Take a look below for some more colors on offer from the Aspire AVP.

Showing 1–16 of 25 results

Showing 1–16 of 25 results