Fronto Leaf Tobacco

A Fronto Tobacco Leaf

Fonto Leaf Tobacco, Sometimes Known As Grabba Leaf.

Fronto Leaf has been with us for a long time but is poorly understood. People have been experiencing this Tobacco leaf for several years, in fact, decades. If you don’t know this leaf or want to learn more then read on as this baby has some interesting surprises.

This tobacco leaf has a few nicknames including the Grabba leaf or Fronto leaf.

So What Exactly Is A Fronto Leaf

Originally cultivated in the Caribbean this tobacco is air-dried and comes in a dark coloration. Used generally as a wrapper leaf it has been extensively used in the herbal industry.

What Makes Up Fronto

People generally prefer the Fronto as it is typically more pure and uses low or no chemicals in its cultivation. This has created a heavy following in the herbal alternative sector. It has a powerful flavor spectrum that leans to a chocolate quality.

Some People Experience a “High” When Using Fronto – Why?

Many people report feeling a strong high when using Fronto. This isn’t because the leaf has been permeated with mind-altering chemicals but in essence is a function of Fronto being very high in nicotine levels. This has encouraged many users to dual Fronto with herbal compounds to amplify the experience.

Does The Fronto Leaf Contain Nicotine?

The short answer is yes. Fronto is very high in nicotine content.

How Long Can I Expect Fronto To Last?

Being organic in its make up Fronto does have a shelf life. Like any plant-based products, Fronto will deteriorate over time. To maintain the integrity and quality of the Fronto leaf you will need to store it appropriately. We would recommend using Tupperware and storing your Fronto is a medium level humidity environment. People often report Fronto having a mold or white appearance. This is normal and typical of tobacco products that haven’t been stored properly.

Why Is Fronto Popular With People Who Smoke?

If the popularity of Fronto can be attributed to anything it would have to be its strength. The high nicotine level delivers a serious hit that many people find satisfying, couple that with its deep velvety flavor, and you’re onto a serious winner with tobacco lovers.

Why do people report getting a serious High with Fronto?

Similarly to Backwoods Fronto has a dedicated following among herb smokers. This is because people typically report a more intense herb smoking experience using both Backwoods and Fronto. The difference between Fronto and Backwoods is though Backwoods does not use Fronto tobacco. Fronto is an altogether different product and arguably higher end in nature with its natural organic dry-cured qualities. The high levels of nicotine are most likely the cause of the additional high people report when using Fronto. Couple Fronto with a good quality herb and you’re likely to get a more intense hit from your smoking experience.

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