Natural Cigars

Natural Cigars: Natural is crafted using the finest Nicaraguan leaf combined with traditional black tobaccos from Syria, Turkey, St. James Parish and other exotic locales.The Natural Cigars Logo Each front-mark has its own distinctive blend making for a unique and satisfying smoke ranging from mild to bold. What that really means is? Natural is the bomb, light it up and watch everyone around start asking you if ya got an extra stick. The pleasant aroma drives em wild. Natural Cigars.

About Some Of Our Favorite Natural’s

Natural Clean Robusto Cigars

Clean Robusto- is an exceptional cigar that mandates strict attention to detail during the blending process. A cigar of piercing spice and distinction, Clean Robusto is the only Natural with a Sumatra wrapper. They arrest the fermentation process on this leaf to draw out natural sappy-oils. Then, after rolling, it is aged in cedar for an additional 60 days.

Natural Dirt Cigars

Dirt- is named for the midnight-black soil in Pueblo Nuevo, Nicaragua, where Drew Estate grows and cures Maduro leaf. Dirt is a ripe and seasoned smoke with an unforgettable mane. Dirt appeals to every cigar smoker. Unlock the mystery behind truly gourmet blended cigars in this Natural Dirt selection from Drew Estate cigars, made of 12 exotic tobaccos from around the world. Numerous blending techniques spanned over two years to bring you the most profound exploration in flavor. From mild to full-bodied, every cigar in the selection has its own unique combination of tobaccos, flavors and aromas in a variety of traditional vitolas and figurado shapes.

Natural Jucy Lucy Cigars

A Jucy Lucy is a small cigar that erupts with adventurous flavor. Cameroon leaf fans will embrace Jucy’s smooth character and caramel finish. Flue cured tobacco from Zimbabwe, combined with a delicious Nicaraguan blended filler illustrates Jucy Lucy’s expressive texture.

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Showing all 8 results