Kristoff Cigars

The Kristoff Cigars LogoKristoff is a specialist small scale Cigar brand that began life back in 2004. Known for its love of the traditional with many of their Cigars featuring shapes such as uncut feet and pigtail caps, Kristoff has become a go-to brand for many enthusiasts. With medium to full-bodied flavor tones, Kristoff has a lot to offer.

Some of our favorites amongst the Kristoff Cigar stable are:

The Kristoff Sumatra is ravishingly rugged in appearance, it looks strong, it looks like a cigar you would see a four star general smoking. It’s Very oily, and the burn and draws is nice, with some nice ash. The amounts of smokes it’s generates will have you envisioning you are in the Andes among the clouds. The Prelight draw will remind you of mesquite with a smidgeon of sweetness. Your palate will be greeted by dry earth with a dab of cinnamon, and slowly as you progress in the smoke, floral notes will descend upon you and finish you off with a nice smooth sweet earth flavor. It’s strong, but not overbearing.

The Kristoff Maduro is impressive with its luxurious Brazilian wrapper. You will notice the dark oily sheen of this beauty and marvel at its sublime aroma of sweet chocolate and grass. The cigar has amazing draw with a beautiful slow & even burn. At first your sweet tooth will be placated by the rich sweet chocolate that coaxes you in, very quickly caramel and coffee creep up on your tongue. As you continue to puff, you will be greeted by a sweet and creamy taste. Puff away and welcome a wonderful tart citrus will pounce on your tongue, and evens out to a smooth and enjoyable smoke. But, it doesn’t stop there; this Kristoff will finish you off with flavors of toasted coconut, hints of almond, and an abundance of cream, earth and leather. This cigar is far from boring, and can be smoked at any time of day.

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Showing all 5 results