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How To Keep a Humidor at 70 Degrees, The 70-70 Formula

Maintaining the right humidity for optimising the storage of cigars

We all should know by now that the most suitable temperature and humidity for our cigars is around 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 70% RH. The 70/70 formula is such an essential part of keeping those cigars fresh. How To Keep a Humidor at 70 Degrees can though be tricky.

This particular formula originates from where the tobacco comes from in the cigar. Typically, the tobacco grows in tropical areas such as Cuba, Dominican Republic. The climate in those regions is known to be very humid and hot. I recommend you smoke a cigar in a slightly moist state as you will find the outcome is better and overall more enjoyable. My advice when trying to maintain the moisture level within the tobacco would be 70/70. I promise you that if you keep that steady humidity level, you will find the cigars tend to preserve their moisture and taste. 

Tell Tales Signs Your Humidor Is Not at The Right Temperature

Any brittle, cracks and burns that present on your cigars typically mean they have dried up. On the contrary, if the cigar doesn’t draw the tobacco out well, or doesn’t burn, this tends to be a clear sign of too much moisture. Therefore, it is important to understand how vital that formula is. The cigars freshness and longevity always depend on the climate or your humidor and environment. Like I’ve said before, your cigars are actually more flexible. 

Sudden changes or dips in heat and cold are incredibly damaging to your cigars. Always be careful with your cigars when they interact with cool air because if they stay in an environment such as that, you may find the moisture is sucked out of the cigar, leaving you with dry, distasteful smoke. Ever heard of tobacco beetles, well they’re real alright. If hot air becomes overwhelming for the cigars, be prepared to see small, wriggly brown things crawl out of your humidors – beware! In short, when buying you cigars – whether it’s online or in-store – store owners will nowadays usually advise humid conditions surrounding them.


How To Keep a Humidor at 70 Degrees Using a Hygrometer
A Hygrometer – A Critical Component in Finding How To Keep a Humidor at 70 Degrees

I still recommend my customers and readers a relative humidity range of between 62 and 72% is adequate. Your cigars won’t be damaged if the humidity hovers around those temperatures. However, there are a couple of determinants relative to the range suggestion and, those are as follows:

Fault factor in size:

Many of my fellow cigar friends succumb to that common thought our hygrometers reading correctly without a doubt. I hate to break the bad news fellas, but there is always that small probability that it is, in fact, reading wrong. If you are like me and have been experienced for many years, you’ll probably know how to maintain quality care for your cigars.

However, for the newbies out there, I recommend sticking to a middle range. You’ll find that with constant attention and supervision, you won’t need to worry about any harm to your precious smokes. That middle range kind of acts as a safety plug.

Tobacco Sample:

This only really depends on how long you want your smokes to burn for. If you are like me and enjoy a slow and relaxed burn, you should look out for sun-grown tobacco. This type generally has more dampness – consistency wise – and is a bit thicker. If the majority of your cigar collection is sun-grown leaves, don’t fret if you encounter unusual burning problems. Just remember to keep the humidity level at 71%. I have one friend who owns almost all shade-grown tobacco. Lucky for him, he doesn’t experience any burn issues. However, the speed of oxidation is quite fast; you may suffer from a heated smoke. 

   If I were you though, I would just keep all my cigars content at a humidity of 68%. It’s not too high nor low; therefore, not suffer from any extremes. Another good thing is it allows all sorts of tobacco types from sun-grown to shade-grown and anywhere in between. Providing you maintain the essence and oils from your cigar, it won’t become tasteless or dry. A bland cigar is crossing the danger zone!

Temperature Conditions:

I advise 60-75% relative humidity. It might seem overwhelming considering all the temperatures you must be careful of but and tobacco types you should consider. With a little bit of warmth and love, your cigars will thrive in any environment provided; don’t forget – a tropical condition leaves you with more enjoyable smokes. Keep up the work fellas and continue digging those stogies. How How To Keep a Humidor at 70 Degrees is a key lesson for serious Cigar enthusiasts.

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