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How to Hold a Cigar and More Cigar Etiquette Guidance For Cigar Smoking

The best etiquette for cigar smoking depicted in the picture

There are many people who know how to smoke a cigar. But would you believe if I told you that maybe only half of them know how to smoke like a gentleman. How to hold a cigar is just as critical as how to light one. Below I will take you through my top ten rules that any gentlemen should always, without a doubt, follow. Get ready to familiarise yourself with some cigar etiquette.

Ask Permission

Not everyone looks to smoking cigars as a way of enjoyment. That’s why it’s crucial you ask permission to light one of your smokes from people surrounding you. Whether it’s the smell, respiratory problems, or just disgust, have a bit of consideration for those around you.

If someone replies with a no, don’t consider question them or demand a reason why. Whatever the situation, you have a duty to ensure that your surroundings feel comfortable with you. The motive of asking permission from others isn’t so that you can interrogate them if their answer is negative.

Sharing is Caring

Cigars are like tires – you always have spare. There’s nothing worse than an ungenerous cigar smoker. You have to be sure that when you’re smoking a cigar in public, no one is going to ask for a spare. That’s why you always bring a few more with you. Don’t get me wrong; handing out $50 torpedos at an event is just going to get you some concerned looks. Just make sure you present generosity.

All you’ve got to do is silently open your cigar case and et the person you’re offering decide themselves. There is no need to hassle them ore seem pushy in any way. The more smoothly you do it, the better received it will be.

A Gentleman Never Lights Another Cigar For Them

Unless specifically requested to do so, let others light their own cigar. The reason being, you man ruin the flavor accidentally by forcing that person to draw too hard on their stogie. It is of course an easy mistake if you’re new to the whole smoking a cigar practice. You may think it’s polite but never be too sure.

Know When to Remove Your Band

I don’t think there is any need to argue over this, but in the past, there have been some strong debates over whether or not a person should know when to remove their band. Having the most expensive cigars and shouting about it can be somewhat uncouth. The argument is just getting old now, though.

A lot of the time, the heat from the cigar can have an effect on the glue sticking the band down. Therefore some think it’s reasonable to remove the band when you’re halfway from finishing it. This does make it easier to remove without damaging the cigar in any way. In contrast, others believe leaving the band on for the duration fo your smoke is ‘a form of bragging’. I think that’s a bit dramatic. You should be proud of your collection. Don’t draw attention of course but smoke with dignity.

I believe there isn’t an official rule over bands, but what I would consider doing is just checking your surroundings when smoking. Of others have all removed their bands, it might befit you if you remove yours a swell. All in all, the respect of those around you is the key to your behavior.

Know How to Hold Your Cigar

You usually hold a cigarette between our index finger and middle finger. That is not the case with a cigar. A cigar should be held between your thumb and your index finger. Never ever point or gesture your cigar to another person or object in the distance. It’s risky and not what the cigar is intended for. Practice how to hold your cigar as well as yourself, you’ll develop a cigar etiquette that suits you as well as an occasion through time and experience.

Gentleman Never Chew Your Cigar

Who wants to look like a slobbery mess when smoking your cigar? When you chew on your cigar, you’re making the wrapper moist. In any case, your cigar might actually fall apart when you attempt to smoke it. You’ll also end up with yucky buts of tobacco stuck in your teeth, which isn’t a pleasant sight. Tobacco gets damp and heavy when you make it moist. If I may say, you really should save the $6 on something more substantial and try investing in a pack of gum. Lastly, don’t talk with your cigar in your mouth. Please – you’re asking for some nasty looks. It’s extremely rude and disrespectful.

Remember it’s a Leisurely Activity

A cigar is a gift. It’s no harm to smoke a stogie after a tough day of work or after some good news. Am I right? It’s not something you should smoke when walking, talking, or working. Set aside a time to enjoy a smoke, and focus on the more important things. Then you have something to look forward to. A distracted smoke isn’t a good smoke. Make sure you experience the flavor, the taste, and most importantly that oh so good feeling of utter relaxation.

Always Take Your Time

You’re risking your beautiful stogie if you smoke it too quickly. If I were you, don’t draw more than once a minute. You’re looking for maximum flavor and taste and so you must select the best time for your smoke and appreciate what you have. That’s how to enjoy your cigar. Besides, what’s the rush?

Develop a style and panash of your own, the way you smoke your cigar say something about you. Perhaps consider retrohaling your cigar, it’s a nice way to enjoy a cigar and looks dignified if done well.

A Gentleman Doesn’t Chain-Smoke Cigars

Don’t get me started on chain-smoking. It’s almost as sacrilegious as chewing on your cigar. Cigars are expensive – treat them with care. Many of my friends always say you should wait for about fifteen minutes between each smoke. However, I’ve always thought differently. Thirty minutes is probably better. It’s even better if you going to smoke a different brand from the one you smoked earlier.

Gentleman Don’t Crush Cigars in Ashtrays

When you smoke a cigar, the cigar wrapper contains the tobacco and oils and tar which is collected and stored in there. Don’t stub your cigar into an ashtray because the wrapper will literally split and then you’ll find your cigar will smolder. Then you’ll experience a foul-smelling puff of smoke and well, who wants that? If you’ve had enough with your cigar, just let the cigar go out on its own.

One other thing I wouldn’t suggest doing is stubbing your cigar and then relighting it because all you’ll taste is the ash from the astray – yuck! It’s then devoid of flavor and taste.

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