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Cigar Shapes. Belicoso, Torpedo, Parejo, Figurado Shapes Explained.

If you have read about our Guide to Cigar Sizes, you may have found the information somewhat overwhelming. In any case, I find when studying cigar sizes and trying to remember countless measurements, it does become quite perplexing. However, you’ll be glad to hear that cigar shapes are much more straightforward to understand in context. The key thing here to remember is that there are only two shapes, and those are the ‘parejo’ and the ‘figurado.’ The parejo is the more standard figure with straight sides and a round head. The parejo is what the majority of cigars look like. A figurado is any shape that doesn’t look like a parejo. However, over time, manufacturers have come to subdivide the figurados cigars into more specific categories. Like any other popular item, cigar shapes have become more and more exotic and unique in the figure. There are also many nicknames associated with different cigars, which I think in part is why the manufacturers did so. Many of the shapes I will refer to them by their common names.


This cigar is one of many that tapers quite sharply at the head. If you didn’t know already, the English equivalent would be ‘bellicose’ which means inclined to fight or go to war. I believe this form of saying it is the slang version meaning the cigar looks a bit like munition. Some people tend to get a bit mixed up with a pyramid and a belicoso. The difference is that the belicoso tapers at the head whereas a pyramid tapers right from the foot. However, just be wary this is my way of distinguishing these cigars. Some retailers may disagree.


I’ve always found this shape to be quite unique and interesting. As you can see below, the Culebra is made up of three cigars that sort of braid around each other to form a twisted vine shape in my mind. The word Culebra means snake in Spanish. When you operate the three cigars they all look a bit like three snakes. Oh – and also make sure you separate the cigars before you smoke this type of cigar!


This cigar is a perfect-shaped cigar very similar to a Salomon. The key difference is its slightly longer and thinner in shape.


Some of my favorite cigar shapes are associated with the ‘exotics.’ Ever since the computer-generated mold machines were invented, manufacturers have no limit to the shapes they could construct. Below are some of the most unique and weirdly shaped cigars. They can be decorated with various embellishments to any part of the cigar so there really is no limit.


As I mentioned earlier, a figurado refers to a cigar that is any shape other than parejo. Manufacturers tend to go mad when making a figurado! Examples are the belicoso, pyramid, and torpedo.


The word parejo means ‘flush’ or ‘straight’. it just refers to the standard shape of the majority of cigars. Straight sides and a round head.


I tend to get a lot of comments saying some perfecto shaped cigars look like ‘nipples’ at the foot. Basically a perfecto shaped cigar tapers at both ends. The share can vary however. For example, you could get a cigar that gently tapers toward the foot and then abruptly is trimmed straight.

Pyramid (Spanish, “Pirámide”):

 It’s thickest around the foot of the cigar and tidily tapers toward the head.

Salomón: (See also Perfecto)

This cigar is quite large in size that has a tapered but ‘flush-cut’ foot. A Diadema is often referred to when the Salomon cigar is longer ins size and so has a closed foot.


The Torpedo is a very popular cigar that has a tapered head with a sharp point. Manufacturers will all have different opinions on the name and shape. Some modern shaped torpedo cigars should really be referred to as pyramids. Some manufacturers would call a torpedo a belicoso as well because of their similar shapes.


 I don’t understand why, but many retailers tend to change or make exceptions to the rules above. For instance, there seem to be quite a few cigars supposedly called a belicoso that actually looked pyramid-shaped or perfecto-shaped. In short, you can make up your own rules if you wish. But it’s just not that easy to decide on the exact names for each cigar if the rules are constantly varying.

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