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Cigar Sizes. Gordo, Torpedo, Corona, Churchill. Everything You Need Know

From my experience, I’ve never found a clear difference in cigar sizes and shapes. A lot of the time, the actual names for the cigars can be interchangeable. For instance, if I were referring to a Torpedo cigar, an expert cigar smoker would most likely identify the size at 6.1″ x 52. And if I were referring to a Corona, the expert cigar smoker would again recognize the capacity to be 5.5 x 42. The shape, moreover, would be immediately known as a parejo.

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From what I know, manufacturers never tend to any guidelines. Many a time, the length and ring gauge can vary depending on the preference of the cigar maker. You should also take into account the country and culture the cigar is coming from. However, in may cigar collectors’eyes, a ‘Robusto’ would normally be 5 inches by 50 ring. Consequently, you may find some cigars with 4 x 50, 4.5 x 52 or 5 x 55, etc. and these size guides all could refer to one cigar like a ‘robust’.

Below, I will show you a collection of typical cigar sizes and types. Be wary. The names below refer to their ‘common’ names to differentiate between the proprietary designations given by the actual manufacturer.

The Different Cigar Sizes


This cigar is known for its unique tapered shape towards the head.

Belicoso Cigar

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I’ve always had a particular interest in this cigar because of its history. This smoke is named after it’s – what I believe – rightful, Winston Churchill in honor of him. A Churchill is typically 6.5 – 7 inches long with a ring gauge of 48 – 50.

Churchill Cigar Size

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You can probably guess by the name – this cigar is around the size of a cigarette.

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This smoke is about 5.5 inches with a 42-44 ring gauge.

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Known commonly as a ‘perfecto-shaped’ cigar has a ring gauge of 50 – 60 and is quite a lengthy one reaching over 88 inches.

Diadema Cigar Size

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Double corona

This cigar is basically the larger version of a corona. It isn’t exactly ‘double’ the size but it rangers from 7-7.5 inches long and has a ring gauge of about 54-58.

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Now this is what you call a big cigar – hence the name of course – and is shaped like a parejo that typically ranges from 8.5-9 inches in length and 52 (or more) in ring gauge.

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This smoke is well-known for is long and thin shape. Its size is 6 inches and has a ring gauge of 42.

Lonsdale Cigar Size

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This cigar has begin to regain its popularity funny enough. A Lancero is another long, thin smoke slightly longer than the Lonsdale at about 6.5-7.5 inches and 38-42 ring gauge.

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Lancero Cigar Size


This one is yet another long thin one typically 6.5-7 inches in length and 28-38 in ring gauge.

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The Pyramid has a larger ring gauge foot that most uniform tapers with a small ring gauge at the head. Unique and unusual.

Pyramid Cigar Size

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Like the one I mentioned earlier, a Robusto has a nice chunky consistency at 5 inches long and with a 50 ring gauge.

Robusto Cigar Size

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Robusto Grande

Hence the name, this type of Robusto is longer and thicker, typically 5.5 inches long with a 56-68 ring gauge.

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Robusto Gordo

This Robusto is the fat type at 4.5-5 inches by 60 ring gauge.  

Robusto Gordo Cigar Size

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Rothschild (see also Petit Robusto)

4.5 inches with a ring gauge of 48-50. This one is a shorty.

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This smoke is another perfecto shape with a long and thin figure. Typically its size is around 7.0-8.0 inches by 57-60 ring gauge.

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Short Robusto

4-4.5 inches by 48-52 ring gauge. Another shorty.

Short Robusto Cigar

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Another parejo-shaped cigar. Typically 6 inches long with a 50-52 ring gauge.

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Toro Gordo

This smoke has a lovely fat figure at 6 inches by 60 ring gauge.

Gordo Cigar Size

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One of the most popular cigar sizes currently – The Torpedo. At a length of 6-6.5 inches with a ring gauge of 52-56 but these cigars gently tapers to a sharp point. Be careful – if you think you know the difference between a Belicoso and a Torpedo, you should probably reconsider. Like I said earlier, manufacturers have their own preference between the sizes of these particular cigars.

Torpedo Cigar

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