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StogieRate Cigar Inventory software

Below: Screen shot of Rating Page

Stogie Rate Cigar Inventory data entry screen picCURRENT VERSION 4.3 - ORDER NOW!

Stogie Rate is a self-running database application for Windows or Mac OSX users that will help you keep track of information about your cigar collection and provide essential educational resources for cigar enthusiasts.

The integrated database helps you track: Brand, Name, Type, Length, Ring Gauge, Date of Purchase, Date of Rating, Age at Rating, Current Age, Number Purchased, Vendor you purchased them from, Cost for the batch (i.e., box or bundle), Country of Origina, Wrapper, Binder, Filler, Cost per Cigar, Number Smoked, Number Left, Total Number in Collection and NetValue of Collection. You can also store your Tasting Notes and Storage Condition notes. And MUCH MORE!

Combine Stogie Rate 4.3 for desktop with Stogie Rate for iPhone and iPod Touch and you will have a complete integrated desktop and mobile cigar experience.

What's New in Version 4.3?

  1. Drop-down menus with “memory” and “auto-fill” for the following fields: Vendor, Brand, Name, Type, Length, Ring, Country, Wrapper, Binder, and Filler. Makes it easier and quicker than ever to enter cigar information.
  2. Drop-down calendars for entering date of purchase, date of rating and box date.
  3. New sorting buttons added for sorting by High Age, High Price, High Score and Alphabetically.
  4. New formatting theme makes text stand out and is cleaner to navigate.
  5. Changes in some of the calculation formulas to make them quicker and more accurate.
  6. Various layout changes.
* Some resources require internet access.

Below: Screen shot of new Resource center

StogieRate cigar inventory Resources screen

The "Stogie Stats" page summarizes your collection including ability to find oldest and youngest cigars, most and least expensive cigars, and the net worth of your collection. The stats page will help you to find the older cigars in your collection, cigars that you may have forgotten about, but that are now ripe with extra age. With Stogie Rate 4.3 you are just a click away.



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